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Owner, CEO | Operator
Hello, I’m Jason, owner-operator at Jamco Landscaping. Originally from Washington State, I spent my adolescence in South Dakota engaging in horse riding, dirt biking, and rock climbing. I moved to St. Cloud to advance my mechanic career and studied at St. Cloud State, inspired by my diverse experiences to help others enhance their outdoor spaces. Educated at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton in Rapid City, I bring a unique perspective to my work. With over 20 years of experience, I combine a profound passion for nature with my personal life as a father and dog lover. Every project is a canvas, integrating tranquility from my hobbies with professional expertise to create vibrant, serene environments. Each garden and outdoor space I design aims to enhance your life, crafting beautiful landscapes one at a time. I look forward to serving you soon!

COO | Operator
Howdy, my friend! Cody here, your friendly neighborhood landscaper and COO at Jamco Landscaping, with over 10 years under my belt crafting killer outdoor spaces. Growing up in Minnesota, where winters are brutal and summers are easy, I’ve learned to let nature dictate my designs, capturing the essence of our changing seasons. Me and my crew, we treat every job like family, adding that cozy touch that makes it feel like home. When I’m not knee-deep in dirt, you’ll find me roaming the woods or taking care of my farm, deeply rooted in our community’s values. Volunteering’s just part of who I am, a way of giving back to this land we call home. Let’s work together to make your dream landscape a reality, something your family will treasure for years to come. I look forward to serving you soon!

Vice President of Operations | Operator
Hey there, I’m Chad Kalway, Vice President of Operations at Jamco Landscaping. With five years under my belt in the landscaping business, I see this work as more than just a job—it’s my career, my passion. I take pride in turning ordinary yards into beautiful spaces. When I’m not working, you’ll find me cruising on my Harley Davidson or casting a line, enjoying some peace and quiet while fishing. I’m a family man with five kids to feed, so you can bet I’m serious about my work. Grilling is my jam—there’s nothing like firing up the grill and cooking up a feast for the family. I’m all about quality and sustainability, ensuring every project we handle is top-notch. At Jamco Landscaping, we don’t just work hard; we work smart and keep it professional. So, if you need your yard looking sharp, we are your guys. I look forward to serving you soon!

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